Les Maisons de la Nouvelle-Orleans Print Collection

A Collection of 6 Shotgun Houses in Our Neighborhoods

What is a shotgun house? The New Orleans’ shotgun house is long and narrow made to fit on a small 25’ lot. These homes consist of all rooms in a row, including 2 to 3 bedrooms. Tradition has it if you shoot a single barrel pellet it would fly from the front door straight through pass the back door. Shotguns can be either single or double . Because of the style’s length, it allows for excellent airflow. The front door and windows are embellished with decorative shutters and gingerbread architecture on their porches. You can drive around our neighborhoods to see the wonderfully brightly colored houses today.
Les Maisons de la Nouvelle-Orleans Collection is dedicated to all those that have been lost or repaired after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. My houses are named after some of our neighborhoods: Bywater, Lakeview, Marigny, Mid-City, Treme, and Uptown.

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Bywater, Lakeview, Marigny, Mid-City and Treme

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11” x 14” beveled cut mat with 8” x 10” print  – $26
Uptown Garden District

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