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Artwork unique to New Orleans, LA

 Hi and welcome to my website!


My signature is “polka dotted curtains” on all my windows in my shotgun houses!

I am so excited to share my art and city with you.  I am a self-taught artist with a B.A. in Elementary Education.  I taught Kindergarten and First Grades and then spent most of my career in hospitality sales and special events.  I have always been a crafter at heart.  Design and color are my passion.  I love re-purposing things, wine, pizza, gardening, picking up other people’s junk (my treasure!), entertaining with friends and family, my two dogs Ally Victoria and Cooper Carson, and love, love, love ART!

It is said, New Orleans is a place like no other.  We are a melting pot of cultures and traditions and it can be seen in her architecture, neighborhoods, and events.  In 2005 life in New Orleans changed forever.  We lost whole neighborhoods.  Family and friends were separated and some still are.  What I learned is that New Orleanians are resilient and even though Katrina destroyed our houses, she could not destroy our souls.  I decided to start painting shotgun houses on recycled Katrina windows and also on canvas.  I have chosen 6 different neighborhoods and have dedicated my work to the many shotguns we lost in Katrina.  Painting is my therapy and my passion.  I am so happy to share my art and my city with you.  

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream

Van Gogh

My Dream has come true!!! I can’t wait to share my art and some history of New Orleans with you! 

This is my version, story, and art of my city

Debbie Provenzano, New Orleans, LA